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The past 5 years have seen dramatic changes in oil and gas exploration.  The catalyst for change are many, but the end result is manifested in what has been proclaimed "The Big Crew Change".  Rapid advances in technology have driven equally rapid and significant changes in equipment and practices.  Our appropriate response must be to change the way we select, train, and advance our workforce!

To meet the evolving demands, Petroleum College International (PCI) has updated and realigned our curriculum, training strategies, and assessment methods to comply with the new IADC WellSharp®  program.  PCI Well Control Training Attendees now have the opportunity to receive standardized training and assessment that is specific to their current job assignments.

To meet these complex requirements, we have successfully adapted the venerable University of Houston - Victoria Well Control Manual to a searchable and digital format that is complete with 21st Century Study Guides, interactive practice questions, and solutions.  To completely prepare a workforce that is presently unfamiliar with online standardized testing, we have developed digital pretests that are based on sample questions graciously provided by the IADC.  All classroom studies and homework practice is accomplished on the same computer equipment that will be used for the final competency examination.

These training upgrades and improvements are extensive, but they are not enough to satisfy the growing and ever changing demands to deliver a completely competent and prepared workforce.  To keep our material "evergreen" and to provide continuous training opportunities, and unlimited access to new and evolving resources, is our greatest challenge, as a training provider!  To meet this challenge, PCI has developed an extensive E-learning portal.  All course attendees are now provided full access to the resources they will need to maintain and improve their job critical knowledge, skills, and abilities.  Depending on employer and industry requirements, various levels of monitoring, feed back, and assistance may now be provided on a continuous basis.

For access to sample resources made available by Petroleum College International, ​please visit the following links:

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Our instructor led classes are conducted in modern classrooms with complete internet access to our online materials!

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The men in the following image attended our ninth WellSharp class! 

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