About Us

Leader in Well Control Training

Petroleum College International (PCI) is a commercial partnership with the University of Houston – Victoria (UHV).  Our staff and administration comprised the core of the Petroleum Training Institute (PTI) at UHV until the partnership between PCI and UHV was formed in April of 2001.


The 2001 Partnership with UHV enabled PCI to continue the Well Control Training Program at UHV, which is one of the longest running well control training programs in the world.  Well control training by PTI at UHV, was first established in January of 1981.  Thousands of Drillers and Supervisors of Drilling and Work-over Operations, from all over the world, have attended training sessions through this internationally recognized organization.  PCI has been able to leverage that experience and success, in order to deliver it from universities and colleges that are near major oil producing regions in the United States.

To deliver well control training in accordance with the highest expected industry and government standards, our program has been accredited by the US Minerals Management Service since 1982, then IADC WellCap in 1997.  In fact, our Training Program was the seventh program (World Wide) to adopt the remarkable IADC WellCap Program.

In May of 2015, IADC replaced the WellCap Accreditation Program for Drilling Operations with WellSharpTM.  PCI recognizes that WellSharpTM is now the highest measurable, individual competency standard offered in the world.  As such, we have adopted the WellSharpTM Program and are in full compliance with the new standard.

Program Distinctions

instrumentationOur Goal is to deliver a competent workforce that will eliminate 100% of all Well Control incidents! 

To meet this goal...

Our individual priority is to always deliver the highest quality and most up-to-date training that is available in the world today!

We promise your time with us will never be wasted!

When selecting a Training Provider, a client or individual consultant should give careful consideration to the fact that many of the largest well control training providers are in truth, "marketing" subsidiaries to service companies that provide intervention and firefighting services, when a well gets out of control - as when a blowout occurs.  These training providers have clearly conflicting interests.

This critical question must be asked. Do you want your Well Control Training provided by an organization that is committed to eliminating 100% of all Well Control Events?  Or, do you want your critical well control 'training' provided by an organization that only profits (enormously) when your well is out of control?  

At PCI, we have no conflicts of interest. Best Operational Practice and Well Control Training is the only service or product we provide. 

There is no well control training provider in the world with more experience, expertise, and knowledge in using well control simulators than PCI.  Mr. Frank Klepper, the President and Co Founder of Petroleum College International, has also served as VP and General Manager of one of the world's two primary well control simulator manufacturing companies.  Frank also served as Training Manager for the Petroleum Training Institute at the University of Houston-Victoria. The University of Houston-Victoria Well Control Training Program, our program, has been effective at providing reasonably priced, instructor led, well control training since 1981.

The large commercial training providers are very clear that they want your training business… all of it! And for good reason.  But is that reason in your best interest?

As strange as it may sound, at PCI, we don't want your "business".  We want to train your people!  Please consider the difference.